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Nome, Alaska, is so remote that it can only be reached by airplane, boat, or dogsled. No matter the season, both permanent and transient residents must depend on one another to navigate the physical and psychological challenges of living in the subarctic desert. On the Great Land weaves together thirteen vibrant short stories that explore community, loss, trauma, and healing in one of the most mesmerizing and demanding places in the world.




Letters from the Commons are essays, attempts at thoughtfulness, written for my grown children, very much as a calling after them, a wait-but-I-forgot-to-tell-you-this wave from the porch. Maybe there are other children grown who can find in these some parts of the common conversation, something to speak of to each other or to children of their own, something of ourselves among all of the others, our relatives all, in what was and may yet again be the commons of the living world.



The Running Miracle is the remarkable true story of a young man's desire to overcome a terrible childhood accident. At two years old, Lamont Thomas was hit by a car that shattered his body and caused severe brain trauma. His doctors did not believe a recovery was possible. Driven by the desire to live a normal life, Lamont Thomas did the impossible: He learned to walk, and then, he learned to run. 




The Walking Miracle tells the story of Lamont Thomas, the "Shoreline Running Man," and his journey to overcome the pain and challenges of another crippling injury, this time to his one good leg.



The Guitar Player’s Notebook is a crash course in music theory for the creative guitarist.  This simple volume provides guitarists with the vocabulary of standard notation, detailed breakdowns of intervals, scales, chords, and harmonic theory from the perspective of the working guitarist. The manuscript pages that make up the second half of this book are designed specifically to make it quick and easy to write guitar music.



Home Avenue is a comic novel told in twelve short stories. It captures the magic of growing up at the end of the baby boom era, a time when parents were miraculously uninvolved in the minute-by-minute governing of childhood. This collection of stories depicts how this particular time, and how a place like Chicago, shapes a person's character.



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The idea that inspired Mathematics in Baseball is very simple: In our

everyday lives, we use mathematics. We’re not afraid of it, we’re not

overwhelmed by it, and in some cases, we’re not aware of it. We just

do it.

Many of our daily activities have a mathematical component that helps

us perform the task. If you like to cook, you use math. If you shop,

you use math. If you like to build things, you use math. If you’re a

baseball fan, a good part of your understanding of the game is based

in mathematics.


This book  explores some well-known statistics about baseball.

In doing so, it looks at the mathematical concepts behind these

statistics. It looks at the numbers generated by the game’s greatest

players, and steps you through the math to prove that what they accomplished

on the field was truly amazing -- even if you didn’t see it. Above all,

this book teaches you to use math as a tool to help understand the world

around you, even if it is only baseball.

Hey Batta Batta is a funny, fast-paced novel for young readers (age 9 to 13) and for adults who've attended, coached, or supported little league baseball. It's also a great story to read aloud to younger children who dream of the day when they will get to play little league baseball.​



Katie Cooper is a typical down-to-earth school girl. She never thought about solving crimes until she lost her pet hamster, Fred, in a school fire set by an arsonist. After that, Katie and her friends became committed crime solvers. Katie loves science, and she's good at gathering evidence and drawing conclusions. But detective work is tricky. Not every clue leads to an obvious conclusion or points to a clear suspect. As Katie follows leads to find the arsonist, she soon discovers that detective work can be dangerous too.


After Katie Cooper and her best friend, Sarah Owens, are falsely accused by a state trooper of vandalizing a car, they vow to solve the case. Katie and her friends conduct a thorough investigation only to find that the evidence points to several possible suspects, including members of the notorious Zorro Gang. As they work the case, they spend time in the woods of Mt. Pleasant, where they also solve the mystery of the Mountain Man!


Cooking Your Local Produce is for anyone who wants to explore the world of local food, but is looking for a place to start.  The recipes introduce new produce with easy preparations, then follow up with a list of variations to encourage experimentation and exploration.  There is even advice on what to do when you don’t know exactly what you have, or your mystery produce isn’t specifically mentioned.  This book’s goal is to turn the question: "Well, now what do I do?” into “I know I want to try next!”



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