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Production Services


It's a complicated world of choices when it comes to producing your book. Do you print on-demand?  Volume print and warehouse books? Produce only e-books?  Our job is to help you clarify what you want. From there, we'll produce files for print and e-book delivery that work expressly for your chosen distribution method. 


We offer the following production services:

Typesetting. We know type. We've typeset a wide range of book projects, from novels to mathematics textbooks. Good typesetting separates your book project from the numerous self-published projects that are hard to look at and harder to read.


Pricing: $500.00 for novels.  For basic non-fiction titles, $3.00 per book page up to $20 per page (for complex textbooks and cookbooks)

These prices do not include charges for typing original manuscripts that are not submitted in a readable electronic format.


Page layout. The precise placement of elements on a text page is critical to the usability of your book. Whether you deliver a final product in print or electronic formats, thoughtful page layout will entice potential customers to buy and read your book.

Pricing: $1.00 per book page (novels) up to $10 per page (for complex textbooks and cookbooks)


Artwork production. We can create original photography, line art, and technical drawings tot he author's specifications. We also provide digital services for capturing the author's original artwork.

Pricing: $250.00 for novels and up to $10,000 (for complex textbooks and nonfiction)


Printer files. We will work with the printer or e-book distributor to deliver the final document files required to produce your book project.

Pricing: No additional charge


Print and e-book consulting. There are many decisions to make about printing. We've wrestled with just about all of them.  We will help you navigate through your options and make the best choices for your book and for your budget. 


Pricing: $50.00 per hour

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