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Your Publishing Team


Self-publishing has many advantages. As the publisher, you keep all royalties and you get to make all the decisions about how you want to present your work to the public. If you've decided to self-publish, and you need some assistance managing the bookmaking process, we can help.


The Ward Street Press Editorial Group provides a team of designers, editors and production experts to help you deliver your book (or e-book) to the public. We have years of experience developing the most complex publishing projects in the industry -- managing projects from the concept phase to the delivery of final electronic files to a printer or an online e-book distributor.


Our team has seen it all. We've worked on math books, foreign language texts, cookbooks, and technical documents for most of the major publishers in the USA.  We also worked with smaller presses and individuals to deliver uniquely designed, elegant publications for print and electronic delivery. 


In today's market, the ability to publish is open to everyone. There are numerous online services that offer prepackaged solutions to simplify the process of bringing a book to market. There is nothing wrong with using pre-designed templates. However, if you're looking for something more, if your book project doesn't quite fit the profile, or if you're looking to produce books with a unique look and feel, then consider letting the Ward Street Press Editorial Group help you realize your vision.


Our team looks carefully at your project to determine the best way to present your ideas to the public. Yes, it takes more time and costs a little bit more than using prepackaged templates, but it gives you more control over the final product. Your book will last forever; you might as well create it just the way you want it.


  • EDITING: Editing services starting at $300.00.  Details...

  • DESIGN: Design services starting at $500.00.  Details...

  • PRODUCTION: Typesetting and production services starting at $500.00.  Details...

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