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Design Services


Every book project starts with the right design. A book's design makes it inviting, functional, and irresistable. We look at all the elements of the project and create designs that showcase the content of the book. 


Print Book Design. Print book designs can be beautiful and dynamic, even for novels or academic works that do not require artwork. We design books the old-school way, generating book maps and design specs that specify the type, leading, color, spacing, and font properties of each element in the book. We use industry-standard page layout software (Adobe InDesign or Adobe Framemaker) to create the templates and book files for your project. Nothing is left to chance. 


Pricing: $500 (novels) up to $1500 (complex textbooks and nonfiction) 


Cover Design. A book's front cover reveals something about the project that makes readers want to grab it an look inside. Whether we're working with the author's original art or generating the cover images, designing a cover that reads well at full-size and as a thumbnail image on the Amazon or Barnes & Noble web site is critical.


Pricing: $500 (author provides artwork) up to $2500 (we provide art)


Electronic Book Design. EPUB files (Apple, Nook, Sony) and MOBI files are limited in how they display text and graphics -- particularly when compared to print layouts. Publications that include numerous graphics will most often require a new design for e-book distribution. 


Pricing: $250 (novels) up to $1500 (complex textbooks and nonfiction)


Illustrations and Photography. Out team can provide a wide range of artwork for a book project, from original photography to pen-and-ink illustration. Pricing for these services depends on the complexity of the artwork required and the number of art pieces requested. 


Pricing: We will provide a quote


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