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Ward Street Press is a small, independent book publisher. These days, there are over 400,000 books published in the US market, but the fact remains that there are many interesting projects that never make it to your local bookstore. Our goal is to find and publish these works in the hope that these books will find their way to an interested audience -- great or small.

Today, Ward Street Press focuses on the following niches:


  • Fiction. We publish fiction in novel or short story formats. We are interested in well crafted collections of short stories, particularly those that focus on a particular place or share common themes and characters. We are actively developing a catalog of juvenile fiction, focusing on sports and mystery novels for young readers. 

  • Instructional. We publish instructional books that take a creative and integrated approach to teaching mathematics, science, music, and cooking. We are interested in books that connect academic concepts to real world interests that students can use to gain understanding into these subject areas.


We invite you to browse our catalog of publications. If you are interested in making a purchase, feel free to use any of our online distributors.

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