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Editing Services

Sometimes, it takes another pair of eyes to find the hiccups in a writing project. Editing a book is not only about style and grammar consistency; it's also about flow, clarity, pace, and understanding. We bring over thirty years of editing experience to your project, always reading with a kind and unobtrusive eye. 


We offer the following editorial services:


Editorial review. We will read and prepare a professional review of your manuscript to provide publishing strategies for the title. 


Pricing: $250.00

Proofreading. Careful proofreading of the manuscript before typesetting.


Pricing: $250.00

Copyediting. We use the Chicago Manual of Style. Our copyeditors and readers follow the Chicago guidelines to the letter -- unless there are stylistic exceptions that the author requires to maintain the creative integrity of the manuscript.


Pricing: $500.00 (for a 200 page book)

Indexing. For nonfiction titles, we index the electronic files according to agreed-upon guidelines established with the author.


Pricing: $4.00 per book page

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