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Cooking Your Local Produce


About the Book

“What do I do with rainbow chard?” is the question that inspired this cookbook.  So many people want to cook with the fresh, exciting produce from farmers markets, local farms, gardens or one of those weekly produce boxes (CSAs) but aren’t sure where to start.  With a few simple ingredients and straightforward cooking techniques, Cooking Your Local Produce shows the way to turn those inviting, yet mysterious vegetables into simple, tasty dishes and meals.
Cooking Your Local Produce is for anyone who wants to explore the world of local food, but is looking for a place to start.  The recipes introduce new produce with easy preparations, then follow up with a list of variations to encourage experimentation and exploration.  There is even advice on what to do when you don’t know exactly what you have, or your mystery produce isn’t specifically mentioned.  This book’s goal is to turn the question: "Well, now what do I do?” into “I know I want to try next!” 


Good luck, and Happy Cooking!



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