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Hey Batta Batta

About the Book


Hey Batta Batta is a funny, fast-paced novel for young readers (age 9 to 13) and for adults who've attended, coached, or supported little league baseball. It's also a great story to read aloud to younger children who dream of the day when they will get to play little league baseball.


Story Summary


Megan O'Shea loves baseball. She sleeps with her mitt and dreams that some day she'll perform heroic feats on the field. This year, playing baseball is hard. It's her first year trying to hit a fastball. To Megan, every pitch looks like it's aimed at her head. To make the situation worse, in the first half of the little league season, her team loses every game. 


At the start of the second half, Megan's baseball life changes when a new player is assigned to the team. After one game, it's clear that this new boy assigned to the team is the best baseball player she's ever seen. Suddenly, the boys and girls on Megan's team start to win and improve. With their new goal of becoming league champions, the team works hard to play great baseball, but are they good enough to win it all?


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